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Explore data & get new look at your strategy.

Get insight in days, not month. Better and faster decisions. Understand your customers. Real-time.  No programming ..


Gityca brings many benefits


Mission is to Make Companies Data-driven.


Data Warehousing​

Secure storage for your datasets comes first! Continuous access and fast upload. Space for unlimited growth that you can share and a few extra bonuses.



Starting at 29.95 € per Hour



An independent data studio that provides objective prediction analysis. Our models focus on the quality of the resulting forecasts and the added value on the client's side. Cooperation with Gityca is efficient and comfortable, all communication can be done online.



Starting at 29.95 € per Hour


Data Prediction​

If you have a great understanding of data or have your own data science team, you can only use the Data Prediction service. You will then perform an in-house analysis of alerts, trends and recommendations. It's so simple and effective.


Data Prediction​

Starting at 99.95 € per Analysis


Temporary Help​

Do you need to know predictions and various recommendations several times a week? Then you need Temporary Help from our experts, who can work from your/our office. This step will save you the cost of running Data Science and streamline the performance of individuals.


Temporary Help​

Starting at 699.95 € per Month


Try our free predictive ML models for stock trading and the spread of Covid-19 in the EU.

Our task is to Create Innovation Easily. Therefore, we provide some of our prediction algorithms for free. Model are running in Jupyter book, so you don’t need nothing ase .. 

Some Jupyter (on colab.google.com) also have training.

Making finance data-driven.

Self-Learning & Self-Adapting Algorithms for Your Financial Instruments.

Gityca Finapp offers accurate real-time forecasts for all established global financial indicators.

The “KE (s)” version contains up to 21 of your favorite indicators and Instruments, of your choice. EX (tented) versions have up to 63 Tickers, forecasts for up to 182 days and the ability to access the system from multiple accounts.

Gityca Finapp KE and EX can work on your domain or in an application (such as CRM and BI). They can run on encrypted servers as well as Gityca servers.

Gityca Finapp is a scalable and customizable application that will find a place in your daily schedule.

We Can Prepare Your Tailor-made Solution for Our Application.

Here are some great ex. of our business

Get tips and tricks & find out the future of your company

Data Management is often a neglected corporate area. Those who actively mine data often use it to track the past, in which the future is encrypted. Our algorithms decipher thousands of lines and bring you fast and undeniable results.

Be the King of Risks

Thanks to traffic data, you can know when you will need to call for service, money transfer or improve e-banking. Managing your risks can have hundreds of data correlations. These will help you look into the future of the operation, its mistakes and effective solutions.

Get Predictive Score

Predictive Score models are indicators that evaluate future aspects and indicators. Together It shows much better the propensity of a person or company to be Your a trustworthy client.

Have Incredible HR

Inspired by HR tech. helping recruiters sort through thousands of applications while showing high accuracy, professionalism, and steadiness. It will help find ways to screen candidates more fairly and quickly. This way you can measure the effectiveness of current employees as well.

The Right Clients

Focus on clients who will actively use your institution's products and increase volumes and revenues. The predictive economy of clients opens the door to the right decisions.

Latest from our security

The protection of your data is our number one priority. We have six layers of security.

Gityca’s access cloud points for your convenience
access cloud points_gityca-bl
access cloud points_gityca_-bl(2)
access cloud points_gityca_-bl(5)
access cloud points_gityca-bl (4)
access cloud points_gityca_-bl(3)

Physical security and limited physical access to servers

Visual protection with night vision cameras, facility management tools  or … wait for that – electric bicycles

Digital protection with access chips with eye scan. The disadvantage is that only one person passes through the door at a time.

Security operations center, which monitors the operation of the data center 24/7/365. SOC is the brain of all protection.

Only technicians have access to the Datacenter floor for repairs, maintain and upgrades. However, even the technicians cannot access the data, the data is encrypted and therefore they need to know your decryption key.

A place where hardware and its encrypted contents are erased and destroyed. A limited number of people have access to the disks and its destruction is monitored.

There are two test programs that you can sign up for. The first group tries to attack the datacetrum from the outside and the second tries to break the protective protocols from the inside.
Collaborating data centers hold more than 40 awards and certifications in the field of secure information protection and are leaders in their fields.

What is our challenge

Quality & elimination of poor quality or incorrect data.

Predictive analytics works by looking for patterns in everything and ruling out outliers as problems. While in most cases this could be a safe and sound approach. It can contribute to making the rich richer and the poor poorer by not granting access to financing instruments for risk-hedging reasons.

That’s why companies looking to implement predictive analytics need to pay extra attention to the quality of data fed into their predictive models and follow regulatory guidance to avoid compliance issues.


Your Data is simple and effective in our submission.

Getting to Know You
We want to know how you work and what you care about. This is the only way we will provide you with convenient services.
Getting to Know You
Collaboration and Data Flow
We will set the framework of our cooperation, the price assumption and the method of sharing your data. Only then will you be excited about the cooperation and their long-term results
Collaboration and Data Flow
Precise Prediction Any Time
We will agree to what extent we will provide you with predictions and whether you will need our consultant. This is the only way to deliver the quality predictions you want
Precise Prediction Any Time
We will be great partners

Become one of our Clients and Get Unlimited Opportunities to look into the Future of your field.

Try to look to our Partners & Collaborators

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